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The ONESKI plate designed to connect skis and skiers together for a super fun carving experience.  
Under each plate skis are mounted in a way which allows them to flex freely, there are no flat spots from mounting systems. This allows skis to turn at their full potential from the factory, which is beautiful linking arcs.  While the skis are bending beautiful arcs and you are standing on top of the ONESKI plate it's a feeling hard to explain similar to driving a sports car what can you say it's just pure

Customizing individual aspects of the ONESKI is very easy.  Ski alignment, flex and camber are all adjustable.  Example a ski can be mounted further ahead of another ski for asymmetrical side-cut alignments. The Magnesium Monocore Arms can be adjusted to provide more or less flex to either ski.  Camber to each ski can be adjusted as well.  All of these adjustments with the Magnesium Monocore Arms can be adjusted with ease while on the mountain. Magnesium Monocore Arms also stop vibrations and dampen the overall

The ONESKI plate will last forever or a long time, it is the skis you will replace when or as needed.  You may grow out of a pair of ski or just want to update to the newest ski.  Maybe you would like to change the side-cut for a ski that turns tighter radiuses.  It takes only seven minutes to switch skis, so if you have two set of
skis you can ride them both on the same ONESKI

ONESKI will be available for all types of skis soon not just racing skis.  It should be an interesting road we have opened up.  Maybe it is going to open up its own industry of snow sports or perhaps it is going to be a ad on to snowboarding this question remains to be seen.  We would just like to allow skiers and snowboards more choices. Looking forward to seeing you at our demo days so you can try for

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